Business staying open these Holidays? How to keep running effectively

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Oh! Hola! Boss, you got to let me know, should I stay or should I close?

This is the question on many business owner’s minds in the lead up to the Holiday period. If you decide to stay open, we have a few tips to help keep your business running effectively and make the extra hours’ worth it.

1. Create and update all process documentation

If you are anticipating a busy holiday period, you want to make sure that everything is done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Create new and update old documentation to streamline processes and create smooth transitions between each step. Both your employees and head-ache free, ‘future you’, will thank you.

2. Repair and upgrade all technology

Before being greeted with the hustle and bustle that is the holiday period, make sure that your technology is ready to handle the workload. Simple things like upgrading that monitor from 1990 will minimise downtime and increase productivity, consequently leading to more sales. Can’t quite justify the cost? Run the numbers and see whether sales opportunity or a new machine is more costly. Then, buy the new machine because we know what the numbers will say.

3. Promote staying open to your clients

The only thing that will justify staying open is if it leads to increased revenue. Make it worth it by promoting to your clients that you are open. Simple things like updating your opening hours, changing hold tones and adding a promotional piece to your email signatures can get the word out there quickly and easily.

Hot tip: Earn those extra brownie points by using staying open as a unique selling proposition.

4. Cross-department knowledge and training

The holiday period can lead to a change in working hours and level of activity within the workspace. Make sure that your staff are trained to handle the changes. If this is your busiest period, equip your staff to handle the uptake. If this is usually the period where activity winds down, use the free time to increase your Team’s skillset, or complete any training that has been put on the back burner.

Happy Holidays!

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