Assess Your Human Security Risk Factors

Your employee can be both your first line of defence and a potential source of vulnerabilities! Identify domain impersonation threats and released credentials, and test your employees cyber security awareness with this free human risk assessment. 

You’ll receive a comprehensive report with some actionable tips to fix your human risk areas asap!

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We Calculate Your Human Risk

To better understand and manage the human element in your cyber security, we’ll take you through:

  • magnifying-iconA scan of your company domain name

    This will identify any potentially malicious or fraudulent domains that could be used in phishing campaigns of other cyber-attacks.

  • exclamation-iconA scan of the dark web

    This involves the monitoring the dark web for mentions or discussions related to your organisation's sensitive information.

  • email-iconA phishing simulation campaign

    We will simulate a targeted employee phishing attack to see how many are cyber aware enough to not fall for it!

Similarly to a vulnerability assessment report, you will receive recommendations on how to improve your human risk posture.

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Cyber Security: The Defining Challenge of Our Modern World


of data breaches were caused by human error


reports of cyber security incidents in Australia


of Australians would stop using a product/service from a breached organisation

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We are Guaranteed the Security of Our Information

“The success of our company and the service we provide is largely determined by access to information and the security of our systems. For us to provide an efficient service in a secure, digital workplace we needed IT support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With ADITS, we are guaranteed the security of our information always, with this being our top priority as a legal firm. The staff have a fantastic work culture and is comprised of honest people with recognisable values, ensuring excellent, no-nonsense customer service every time.

They are personable by providing a dedicated accounts manager and technical consultant, so I know who I will be speaking to when I call. This further adds to the security of our information and allows us to build trust with the team. I will continue to recommend ADITS to other companies, particularly legal firms, for their service, staff and above all else, security.”

Matt Baxter, Ruddy Tomlins & Baxter

Your Unique Risk Score

We will calculate your overall grade of your company's current cyber risk level.

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Your Time to Breach

This is an estimated window of time between when an attacker starts looking for a target, to when they have successfully breached your organisation.

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Your Actionable Recommendations

We will analyse all of the different results and provide you with a Human Risk Remediation Programme to reduce the threat of user-related incidents.

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