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Enable Your CyberShield for Ultimate Protection

Cybercrimes are getting more sophisticated and the impact to your business could be catastrophic. So, it’s time to level up your cyber security and minimise the risk of cyber incidents, such as financial loss, reputational damage, and legal liabilities.

Our CyberShield solution is designed to:

  • Protect your IT infrastructure and sensitive data
  • Prevent cyber incidents and data breaches
  • Comply with regulations and standards
  • Build trust and confidence among customers and partners
  • Ensure business continuity and minimise downtime
  • Minimise possible losses, liabilities, and damage

Cyber Security with ADITS: What's in it?

ADITS provides a comprehensive range of cyber security services that can protect your business from cyber threats and ensure business continuity.


Network Security

Robust network security measures to protect your business's network from unauthorised access, including firewall management, intrusion detection and prevention, and virtual private networks

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Endpoint Protection

Advanced endpoint protection solutions to secure your devices from cyber threats and malware, including antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware software

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Data Encryption

Advanced encryption techniques to protect sensitive data from illegal access, including full disk encryption, file and folder encryption, and email encryption

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Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Regular vulnerability assessments to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in your systems and networks, including software and hardware vulnerabilities

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Incident Response

Rapid response to cyberattacks, with strategies for containment, eradication, and recovery to minimise the impact of a cyberattack on your business.

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Security Awareness Training

Training on how to identify and respond to cyber threats, reducing the risk of human error leading to a security breach

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Our Process to Reinforcing Your Cyber

ADITS's process is designed to provide you a cyber security strategy that’s the right fit to your needs. We combine advanced technology solutions with our expertise to shield your business from threats and attacks.


Step 1: Consult

Our team will meet with you to discuss your current cybersecurity posture, identify potential vulnerabilities, and gather information about your IT infrastructure and business processes.


Step 2: Assess & Plan

We will perform a comprehensive assessment of your systems and develop a customised cybersecurity plan that addresses any identified risks or gaps in your security.


Step 3: Implement

We will work with you to implement the recommended solutions. This may involve installing new software or hardware, configuring settings, and performing tests.


Step 4: Monitor

We will continue to monitor your systems for any new threats or vulnerabilities. ADITS will also provide continuing support and maintenance to ensure that the cybersecurity measures remain effective and up-to-date.


Step 5: Quick Response

In the event of a cybersecurity incident, ADITS will be available to provide you with immediate support and guidance. This may involve investigating the incident, mitigating the damage, and developing a plan to prevent similar incidents in the future.

"ADITS understands which solutions can best protect us."

Due to difficulties in attracting and maintaining qualified IT staff on premise, we sought an external vendor to assist us. ADITS understands the platforms available, child safety and security required for a school, and can provide advice on which solutions can best protect our school. I can rest easy knowing that all devices are monitored, and any breaches reported and actioned. ADITS provides us with an end-to-end solution from device selection to rollout, only possible from their education sector knowledge.

Lance Wassmuth

Business Manager

The ADITS Difference

Beyond the technology, it’s important to us to nurture relationships with our clients and strive to be their partners,
making sure they are on track to reach their goals.


We Care and Understand Your Cause

We understand all the work you put into your business, that’s why we put in all the effort required to align our work with your company objectives.


We Challenge The Way It's Done and Continually Evolve

We cannot do our best work if we stop learning and growing. Technology changes quickly and we update ourselves accordingly, so we can also help you stay ahead in the game.


We're Transparent and Cut The Tech Talk

We want to be sure our clients understand what we’re trying to convey. We try to answer all your questions clearly and address every challenge directly.

Take The Next Step To Protect Your Business

Anytime you feel ready to face your cyber security needs, we are here to discuss with you how we can help. We will gladly listen to you and talk about our cyber security solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security refers to the practice of protecting electronic devices, systems, networks, and sensitive information from unauthorised access, theft, damage, or other forms of malicious activity. It involves using various technologies, processes, and best practices to safeguard digital assets and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

What is included in Cyber Security services?

ADITS offers a range of cyber security services to help protect businesses and organisations from cyber threats. Some of the services are:

  • network security
  • email security
  • endpoint protection
  • vulnerability assessments
  • penetration testing
  • security awareness training
  • cloud security
  • incident response

ADITS can also provide bespoke solutions to address the specific needs and risks of each client.

Which businesses need cyber security?

Any business or organisation that uses electronic devices, stores sensitive information, or has an online presence can benefit from cyber security. This includes small, medium, and large enterprises across various industries such as finance, healthcare, retail, education, government, and more. Cyber security is especially critical for businesses that handle sensitive information such as personal data, financial information, and trade secrets. A cyber-attack can have severe consequences, including financial loss, reputational damage, and legal liabilities, that can impact businesses of any size.

How would I know if I need Cyber Security services?

Here are some signs that your business may need cyber security services:

  • You have experienced a data breach or cyberattack in the past.
  • Your business handles sensitive information such as personal data, financial information, or trade secrets.
  • You have received phishing emails or other suspicious messages.
  • Your employees lack cyber security awareness or training.
  • Your systems or networks are outdated or poorly configured.
  • You have compliance requirements for cyber security regulations or standards.
  • You are planning to expand your business or move to cloud-based services.
  • You do not have a dedicated IT team to handle cyber security.
  • Your business has suffered financial losses due to cyberattacks or data breaches.
  • You want to improve your overall security posture and prepare against emerging cyber security threats.

How do you conduct a security assessment?

We conduct security assessments by using testing techniques that are customised to your unique needs and requirements. The aim is to get a complete understanding of your organisation's security posture and potential vulnerability areas.

A security assessment is typically done in these steps:

  • Scoping: Identifying the scope of the assessment
  • Information Gathering: Collecting information about your current security posture
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Identifying potential vulnerabilities in your network, systems, and applications
  • Penetration Testing: Simulating real-world attacks to identify weaknesses in your security
  • Risk Analysis: Checking the level of risk to your business operations and critical assets
  • Reporting: Outlining the findings of the assessment and recommending remediation solutions for the vulnerabilities
  • Remediation: Correcting identified vulnerabilities and improving your business’s overall security posture

How can a business benefit from Cyber Security services?

Your business can gain these benefits from cyber security services:

  • Protection of your sensitive information against cyber attacks
  • Reduction of the risk of data breaches and financial loss
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations and standards
  • Improved business continuity and resilience
  • Enhanced trust and confidence from customers and stakeholders
  • Identification and mitigation of vulnerabilities in systems and networks,
  • Improvements in overall security posture
  • Staying ahead of emerging threats and trends in the cyber security landscape

By investing in cyber security services, businesses can minimise the impact of cyber threats and focus on their core operations with greater peace of mind.