Cyber Security Tips for End Users

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Hi! Joe Average here! I’m just your average bloke that knows way too much about IT, with way too much time on his hands. One of the top causes of cyber security breaches is user error. So allow me to provide you with my top tips on what you can do to prevent cyber security breaches.

Password protection

If you use the same basic password for everything, you are asking for trouble. Even a rebel without a cause would have fun with that. Make sure you use a complex password; one with a mix of upper and lower case, numbers and symbols. Hot tip: If you nearly forget it yourself, it’s a good one! Remember to change your password regularly, once every 30 days is recommended best practice. I also recommended you install two-factor authentication on all devices and programs for an additional line of defense. And no, for the last time, ‘Password’ is not a good password. Don’t make me say it again.

Know your hardware

Freddy from Finance has no business borrowing your USB, and vice versa. Take ownership of all of your hardware inclusive of your computer, USB and hardrive. We also recommend that each employee has their own account, including email and any other software programs you use.

Think before you click

We are all guilty of being suckered into clickbait; the enticing news article titles that promise more information, but never deliver. This tactic is also used in phishing, which is the attempt to obtain sensitive information. Remember, curiosity killed the cat, so we recommend avoiding pop-ups and unknown links and emails at all costs. Always check with your IT provider to ensure that the links are safe to access.

Install Anti-Virus Protection and Firewall

This software takes the guesswork out of malicious attacks, by preventing them from entering your device. It is the number one line of protection and has the potential to eliminate user error completely. And remember, there is no pointing having it if you do not keep it up to date.

So there you have it; my top tips on what you can do to prevent cyber security breaches. For questions, concerns and smart remarks, contact my knowledgeable tech mates at ADITS on 1300 361 984, or at enquiries@adits.com.au


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