How to prepare your business for the Holidays

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The decorations are up, the playlist full of carols is on and the holiday food bellies are coming out! BUT, is your business prepared for the holiday season? There are many items on your checklist, but here are a few from a technology standpoint.

1. Schedule disruptive work whilst you are closed

The excuses used to put off maintenance during the year are no longer relevant during the holiday period. Use the empty office to your advantage and the holiday period, wisely. Finish the office renovations, complete major infrastructure upgrades and enter 2021 prepared for success. We are staying open this Holiday Season to complete major projects for our customers, staying true to our purpose of supporting our business community to achieve their mission. Please contact us if you require assistance during this time.

2. Back up all data

Unfortunately, 2020 didn’t come with a reset button, BUT you can create one (of sorts) for your data. Do a final back up of all your documents before you leave and, preferably, before any eggnog is consumed. That way, if anything goes south, you can click the ‘restore’ button, and reset your 2021.

3. Shut down all equipment properly

You may be surprised to hear this, but your computer, as in, a man-made machine, sometimes needs a break too. When shut down, all software and programs are closed and the random access memory (RAM), which is the short-term memory in the computer is cleared. This means that when re-booted, the computer will run much more efficiently. Other benefits include extended lifespan of the technology, saving money and adding an extra security layer, as the device and its programs are closed.

4. Create “out-of-office” messages

You are leaving yourself open to negative customer experiences when you do not communicate your opening hours with your customers. Make the message clear that you are closed for business to minimise communication and eliminate the temptation of the ‘follow-up’ email. Hot Tip: The poor person who is sending emails during the holidays is clearly not sipping cocktails in Mykonos. So, be creative with your out-of-office message and use it as an opportunity to brighten someone’s day.

Happy Holidays!

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