Work from Home: Enhanced with IT

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Hi – Joe Average here! The Tech Team at ADITS have been inundated with requests regarding their I.T. when working from home.  So take a seat, slap on the hand sany and get ready for my top tips on how I.T. can enhance your new work from home environment.

Communication & Social Connections

As an extreme extrovert, it saddens me that the only human interaction I’ve had this week was a horrified glare I received as I stifled a cough. In a time full of change and uncertainty, communication and connection is crucial. We recommend tools such as Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business to boost team morale and stay informed as you work from home.

Productivity & Accountability

Your home’s heat map may show a much greater frequency of trips to the pantry and couch, than to your desk. Maintaining productivity and holding yourself and your team accountable can be difficult, but not impossible. We recommend utilising tools such as Microsoft Planner or OneNote for goal setting and workday planning. We also recommend setting up boobytraps in the kitchen for those that are on the same ‘sea food’ diet as me…

Remote access and support

ADITS has been practicing social distancing since 2006 with our Helpdesk providing remote support to all customers, no matter whether you work from home, in the office, or around the world. Your IT advisor should also provide you with accessibility options on your device, ensuring a seamless transition between work environments.


Working from home can be high risk, requiring a better security blanket than 100 rolls of toilet paper.  We recommend your trusted IT advisor provides you with a clear set of security practices, inclusive of password, virtual private networks (VPN’s) and device safety guidelines.

So, there you have it! My top tips on how IT can make working from home a breeze. For questions, concerns and smart remarks, call my knowledgeable tech mates at ADITS on 1300 361 984 or email at enquiries@adits.com.au.
Take care and stay safe,

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