Working from home: Keep your Team Connected

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After completing an audit on 2020, we have come to the conclusion that this version has a virus and we would like to uninstall it. I.T jokes aside, we are current living in a time of change and uncertainty, with many of our lives completely upended and many now working from home. For those that Scott Morrison (Scomo, for the ‘cool corporates’ of the world) calls ‘essential’, we continue to battle the 9 to 5 grind, with many of us working from home for the first time. Although grateful for the continued work, the unique circumstances can be hard to navigate, with the recommended isolation having side effects of loneliness. We are here to provide you with the top tips to support you and your employees in tackling working from home.

Maintain a work-life balance

Although the lack of commute is a welcomed benefit, it can be hard to switch into work mode when you don’t physically travel to work. We recommend setting up a designated workstation, utilising the same routine of ‘arriving’ and ‘leaving’ your office. You should support your employees in doing this, keeping work-related conversations inside of work hours.

Communication is key

Mass media speculation is making it difficult to sift through the facts and falsehoods of the current situation. To combat this, we have set up management meeting rhythms in line with those of the National Cabinet. Then, formal communication is distributed amongst our Team to ensure everyone is fully informed on the impact these changes will have.

Praise each other

Although we love a bit of self-confidence, high fiving yourself about an excellent spreadsheet just doesn’t feel the same… Validation and reassurance from your Manager or colleagues goes a long way. Be sure to continue checking in with your Team and letting them know they are appreciated.

Tech is your friend. Use it

The world is becoming smaller as the digital age continues to evolve; use this to your advantage. Do you usually have lunch as a team? Have after work drinks become a ritual? Is a chat over coffee compulsory? All rituals can still be completed through Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or whichever program you utilise in your workplace. Make time to take time with your Team; it will be appreciated, trust us.

We sincerely hope these tips help you to work from home with sanity.
Take care and stay safe.

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