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Although you may be unable to prevent IT disasters, you can prepare for them to minimise their impact and streamline the recovery process.


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Helping You Prepare for the Unexpected

Business disruptions are as inevitable as weather disturbances.

Unexpected events such as hardware failures, data breaches, or natural disasters can strike at any time.

Don’t put your organisation at risk. Let ADITS help you prepare.


What is an IT Disaster Recovery Plan and How Does It Work?

Having a great roadmap to disaster recovery is crucial to protecting your business and data from a disruptive event.

Are you wondering if you need a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)?

A DRP is a must if you want to:

  • Ensure compliance
  • Minimise the financial impact of downtime and data loss
  • Maintain your business continuity
  • Minimise downtime and data loss
staff working

Ensuring You're Always Covered

Don't wait for a disruption to happen. Your business can and must be ready in case a disaster happens now.
ADITS can help you:

Understanding Your<br/>Critical IT Systems

Understanding Your
Critical IT Systems

We identify which IT systems your business needs to operate.

Assessing the<br/>Associated Risks

Assessing the
Associated Risks

We assess all potential threats that could disrupt your IT systems.

Developing an<br/>IT Recovery Plan

Developing an
IT Recovery Plan

We identify the steps to restoring your IT systems. We consider your workforce and technologies.

Keeping Your Plan<br/>Up to Date

Keeping Your Plan
Up to Date

Your plan should be revised and updated to reflect the growth and changes in your business.

Testing Your<br/>IT Plan

Testing Your
IT Plan

We regularly test your plan to ensure it is effective.

Effective IT Disaster Recovery Solutions

For your DPR to be optimally effective, it must be…



ADITS protects you from all potential disasters that your business could face.



Your Disaster Recovery Plan is detailed enough to enable you to restore your systems quickly.



Your Disaster Recovery Plan is tested regularly to ensure reliability.

Up to date

Up to date

Reflects changes in your business and has a constant pulse on your business.



Instructions are communicated to all employees, so everyone knows how to respond and the process to follow.



Processes are easy to understand and simple to follow.



ADITS ensures you’re able to adapt to changes in your business.



Our quality-first solutions work within your budget.


Don’t wait for a disruption to strike

The best time to prepare your business was yesterday, but now is your chance to take control. With ADITS by your side, you can be ready for anything.

Act today.


Streamline your IT operations and free yourself to focus on what matters most.

ADITS demystifies tech talks, so you can confidently navigate any conversation.


Understanding Your Business

ADITS's solutions are tailored to your business. Our experts understand the effort you put into your organisation, and that's why they’re dedicated to helping you succeed.


Keeping Tech Jargon Simple

We're all about keeping tech talk simple. We strive to answer all your questions clearly and tackle every challenge head-on.


Constantly Adapting and Innovating

We're committed to continuous learning and evolution to deliver our best. As technology rapidly evolves, we adapt swiftly to ensure we're always leading the way in innovation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT disaster recovery?

IT disaster recovery is a plan or set of procedures to quickly restore and access your computer systems or data after a disruptive event, especially common in Brisbane, like floods or storms. To prevent disruptions, having a disaster recovery plan to ensure your technology can recover and continue to work is paramount.

What are the key pillars of a disaster recovery plan?

A comprehensive disaster recovery plan (DRP) includes:

  • A business impact analysis identifying various disaster scenarios.
  • Risk assessments to pinpoint potential threats and their impacts.
  • Identification and prioritisation of critical assets and resources.
  • Defined recovery goals: Recovery Time Objective (RTO), Recovery Point Objective (RPO), and Recovery Consistency Objective (RCO).
  • Compliance with relevant regulations.
  • A clear recovery strategy with specified roles and responsibilities.
  • Backup and restoration technologies and protocols.
  • Regular testing and maintenance to ensure the plan’s effectiveness.
  • A communication strategy to coordinate recovery efforts effectively.

What are the impacts of the Queensland floods on your Brisbane business?

The regular Queensland floods can cause significant damage across Brisbane, and businesses are likely facing disruptions to their IT infrastructure. This could include damage to physical servers, power outages impacting data centres, or network connectivity issues.

As a local IT provider located in Brisbane, our IT Disaster Recovery Plan is designed to help your organisation respond to emergencies that affect its technology systems. It includes steps and procedures to recover critical systems, data, and operations. Learn more on our blog “How to Minimise Downtime and Ensure Business Continuity in a Professional Services Business”.

What is the difference between disaster recovery and business continuity? How are they related?

Disaster recovery focuses on restoring critical IT systems after a disaster, while business continuity ensures all essential business operations continue. Disaster recovery is a subset of business continuity, dealing mainly with the technical aspects.

How can cloud technology improve disaster recovery processes?

Cloud technology improves how we handle IT disasters by offering a flexible, backup-rich, and safe place to keep data. It can also simplify and automate tasks like data backup and replication. At ADITS, we work with a top-tier backup provider to keep our clients' data safely offsite, ready to be restored to the cloud whenever needed.

What are the key considerations for choosing a disaster recovery provider in Brisbane?

Businesses located in Brisbane are susceptible to floods and storms. Choosing a provider who proposes solutions designed to address these threats is paramount. When choosing your IT Provider in Brisbane, opt for a provider whose solutions comply with relevant data security regulations in Queensland.