ADITS Certified Great Place to Work for 3 Years in a Row!

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We’re proud to announce that we’ve been officially recognised as a Great Place to Work® for the third year running! 

This is a true testament to our teams unwavering commitment to fostering a positive, supportive, and high-performing work environment.
says Managing Director, Ashley Darwen.

What does it mean to be Great Place to Work certified? Great Place to Work® surveys a business’ team members to assess factors like trust, respect, camaraderie, professional development opportunities, and overall workplace satisfaction

All-time High Satisfaction Rating

The survey reported that 96% of our employees think that ADITS is a great place to work. This is the highest rating for ADITS after it first got certified in 2022-2023, then in 2023-2024 and now in 2024-2025. It is also well over the 56% average for typical Australian-based companies.  

Their positive feedback is what truly makes this achievement so meaningful
according to Staci Yarrow, ADITS HR Advisor.

Here is what some of our employees have to say about ADITS 

I joined the ADITS team in 2016 and have never looked back. My role has continued to expand across all aspects of the business, which is one of the perks of working with a company that is continuing to scale. The number one thing I love about ADITS is the workplace culture. Everyone just gets along, which makes it such a great place to work.

At ADITS, I have the opportunity to work with a cohort of fun, professional, and outgoing staff members who encourage me to take on new and challenging opportunities. The flexibility that ADITS provides around personal and family life is exceptional. The managerial staff are absolutely brilliant at what they do and have an open-door policy to listen to all requests from employees.

ADITS has the office culture and tightly knit team that makes every day enjoyable. Being presented with new and interesting obstacles which are backed by training and learning paths has helped me to further my knowledge which I can then pass onto our customers. Staff are trusted to work autonomously and when strategies need deliberation the team is always reliable and available for a joke or three. My passion for technical details and market leading performance makes ADITS a great place to work.

To learn more about ADITS, visit our About Us.

The Power of Culture and Values in the Workplace

ADITS’ consistent enthusiasm fosters such a positive work environment. It boils down to a powerful combination of culture and values: 

  • Collaboration and Support: From day one, new team members are welcomed into a supportive and collaborative environment. Open communication and knowledge sharing are encouraged, along with teamwork, mutual respect, and a sense of belonging.
  • Professional Growth: ADITS recognises that our team’s success is our success. We invest in professional development opportunities, training programs, and mentorship initiatives. We love seeing each individual to reach their full potential.
  • Work-Life Balance: We understand the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Our flexible working arrangements and commitment to employee wellbeing allow our team to thrive both professionally and personally.
  • A Shared Passion for Innovation: We’re a forward-thinking company driven by a shared passion for innovation and excellence. Our team members are passionate about what they do, and that energy is contagious.
  • Recognition and Appreciation: We believe in celebrating achievements and recognising the hard work of our team. We foster a culture of appreciation where individuals feel valued, and their contributions are acknowledged. 

Proud of the Team, Inspired to Move Forward

Great Place to Work® is recognised as the global authority on workplace culture due to its extensive research, assessments, and insights into employee experiences across diverse companies and industries. 

This latest Great Place to Work® certification is a badge of honour for ADITS,
says Ashley.

It validates what our clients have known all along with ADITS as their IT partner. For those seeking to work with us, it is a preview of the stimulating, supportive, and rewarding work environment they can be part of to make a difference.

Adam Cliffe, ADITS Managing Director, shares:

ADITS is incredibly proud of this achievement and immensely grateful to our dedicated team. It is an inspiration for us to keep nurturing our culture, fostering innovation, and improving the workplace experience for our employees.

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