Going away for the Holiday period? Prepare your business now

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Although this year, you may not be able to (social) distance yourself as far from your desk as you would like, its important that you prepare for your time off, accordingly. We are here to help you do just that, so you can put your feet up, and keep them up!

1. Prepare your workforce

If your business is staying open, ensure that your employees are prepped to run a tight ship whilst you are away. Conduct training that specifically prepares them for the unique period. Remember, if hiring extra staff, think about whether you would hire them in a full-time position before doing so.

2. Prepare your inventory

There is nothing worse than a potential customer being turned away due to out-of-stock issues. Anticipate demand based on previous years or competitor’s sales and ensure your stock levels are adequate to make product sales and complete services.

3. Remote access

Let’s face it, problems are inevitable, and they may be issues where your attention is required. But why go into the workplace to deal with them if you don’t have to? Before you go away, ensure your IT Provider has given you sufficient remote access. This way, you can check-in from the comfort of your home office, the couch, or even the loo (Hey – we are covering all bases here!).

4. Place your IT Team on speed-dial

Although you are having downtime, your systems should not be. As an IT Provider available 24/7, we are available for any and all service requests, no matter the day or time. Please add us to your Favourites List to make contact even easier. As long as you promise not to take advantage and call us to escape Great Aunt Marge at Christmas Dinner.

Have a safe and happy Holiday!

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