Mitigating the IT risk of employees

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Hi – Joe Average here!
In Australia, business owners have been asked to allow their employees to work from home if it is possible for them to do so. Although critical to the health and safety of your employees, the risk to your data may be a potential side effect, with employees using work devices all over the countryside. So, allow me to provide my top tips on mitigating the IT risk of employees.


Polly from PR does not need access to your finances, just like Fred from Finance does not need access to your PR files. I recommend that you conduct a permission audit, as in, document which employees have access to what files and ensure adequate restrictions are in place. It may also be beneficial to create an access request structure, to ensure that only those who need access, can get it.

Work devices for work purposes

Everyone has heard the old saying, ‘horses for causes’ and its true for your business tools as well, inclusive of devices. Work devices should only be used for work purposes. Limiting work and personal use overflow will limit the risk of your business data leaking into employees’ personal lives (and who knows where that could end up!

Data retention

It is important that all business data is backed up and stored in a secure location. That way, if Fired Freddy ‘accidentally’ deletes all of your documents on his last day of work, your data is protected.


There is only one way employees are going to know the do’s and don’ts of IT in your business: education. It is important to spread awareness on topics such as identifying spam and steering clear of activities that may pose a security risk. We recommend talking to your Managed IT Services provider to develop an education plan for your employees.

So there you have it; my top tips for mitigating the IT risk of employees. For questions, concerns and smart remarks, contact my knowledgeable tech mates at ADITS on 1300 361 984, or at enquiries@adits.com.au


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