Our Women in Tech

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Science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM) – The career paths predominantly chosen by men. However, in recent years there has been a significant movement away from the stereotypical careers of men and women, with individualist thinking and increasing availability of information allowing for freedom in career path opportunities.
Therefore, ADITS are set to champion the movement of Women in Tech. In line with this year’s International Women’s Day theme, ‘an equal world is an enabled world’, we would like to take this opportunity to shine a light on our amazing Women in Tech.

Danielle Lawson – Helpdesk Consultant

As a Helpdesk Consultant, Dani provides technical assistance and support to our customers. She ensures that our service is delivered efficiently and effectively, for minimal downtime and maximum results. 
Dani is one of our proudest members of the ADITS team. In her words, she is ‘incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do the job she loves while working with an awesome bunch of people every day’. Her pride keeps her ambitious spark alive, with a dual Diploma in IT and Systems Administration currently under her belt, she is back in the books completing her Bachelor of Information Technology at James Cook University.
As a Woman in Tech, her passion for technology extends into her downtime, where she enjoys video games, programming and building computers with her wife, Ashlee and son, Tyler. All hobbies are carried out under the watchful eye of her two mini sausage dogs, Dobby and Luna, and her cat, Justin.

Staci Yarrow – Finance/HR Manager

Staci is arguably the longest serving employee, being a member of the ADITS Team for 10 years.
The financial aspect of her role sees her in charge of the day to day managing of ADITS accounts. She provides necessary financial advice, whilst continuing to work towards our financial goals, both short and long term. In her HR role, she ensures a smooth transition through the recruitment process to employment, whilst enabling our employees to achieve their career related goals.
Staci enjoys the flexible work environment at ADITS, providing her with options around her beautiful little boy, Flynn, and as she prepares to welcome her newest addition at the end of this month. We wish Staci the best of luck as she takes maternity leave, and for the safe arrival her new little boy to the family.

Helen Hager – Acting Finance Manager

Helen currently supports Gabi in the Helpdesk Dispatch role as the first point of call for all customer enquiries. Being the multi-talented lady she is, Helen also has a background in Finance, having worked in the industry for 15 years and currently studying a Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping. She will be transitioning into the role of Acting Finance Manager whilst Staci is on maternity leave. Helen is passionate about streamlining workplace processes and improving productivity and office morale, so we look forward to her working her magic in this space.
We believe that Helen was a juggler in her past life, as she works, studies and is a Mum to three beautiful boys. However, when she does get some time to herself, she enjoys making earrings, reading books and playing with her dogs.   

Shannon Willcox – Marketing Manager

Shannon began working at ADITS in 2017 as a casual marketing coordinator, whilst completing her Marketing Degree at James Cook University. Upon completion, she took on the Marketing Manager role in a full-time capacity. This role is quite diverse, encompassing internal communication, marketing efforts through a variety of mediums; digital and traditional, and customer experience management.
Her goals include cementing the ADITS brand and providing lead generation within the communities ADITS serves. Additionally, she has set the ambitious goal of 100% customer satisfaction through all phases of the customer lifecycle.
As a big family girl, Shannon often ventures back to her hometown of Bowen, spending time with her Mum and Dad, and two dogs; Maggie and Alfie.

Gabrielle Lockwood – Helpdesk Dispatch Officer

Gabi is our front-lady! She is the first point of contact for all customer enquiries and, as a qualified tech with industry experience, can easily streamline their request efficiently and effectively. She works closely with our amazing helpdesk consultants to relay important information and escalate support for urgent matters.
As an ambitious woman, Gabi has said that her favourite part about working for ADITS is the endless opportunity to learn and advance. She is currently studying industry standard certifications to broaden her horizons within the IT industry, with the ultimate goal of choosing a specialised career path.
When Gabi finally takes a reprieve from her dream chasing nature, her hobbies include riding her sports bike and spending time with her life-long furry friend, Lily.

Hayley Hughes – Procurement Officer

Since joining the team in 2016, Hayley’s role has continued to expand across all aspects of the business. She now wears many hats within the procurement space, playing an integral role in all of our processes. A typical day for Hayley starts with front desk customer enquiries, followed by writing up of quotes and ordering stock, and rounding out the day with customer roadmap assistance. Most people would think that is a whirlwind of a day, but that’s just the way she likes it.
Hayley often says that the number one thing she loves about ADITS is the work culture. In her words, ‘everyone just gets along, which makes it such a great place to work’.
As a country girl at heart, Hayley spends her weekends camping with family and friends.

Mikayla Lovegrove – Helpdesk Consultant

Mikayla is the newest member of the ADITS Team, starting as a Helpdesk Consultant on Monday. She worked with our team in 2019 and is now back with vengeance! Mikayla loves the challenges that come with how fast technology changes. With 5 years IT experience under her belt, we are excited to have her on our team.
Mikayla enjoys the friendly, welcoming environment at ADITS, which allows her to ask questions, with someone always willing to help. Walking in on her first day back and seeing so many women was an exciting bonus: a very different IT landscape now.
4×4 driving, spending time with her nieces and taking her dog Lilo to the park are just a few of her favourite things. We welcome Mikayla to our team and look forward to working with her for years to come.


ADITS are fortunate to have an amazing group of women in Tech, working across the company. We would like to thank the women of ADITS for their contribution to both the success of our company, and towards the continued progression of the technology industry.

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